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as we know, Indonesia is currently full of products from abroad. Starting from clothes, children’s toys to household appliances. Indonesia has a very large market share of foreign products and has great potential. For this reason, some people want to invest and do business with Chinese products that are sold and marketed in Indonesia.

Want to do business relations overseas products? Then, the question is how to import goods from China? Once you visit this website’s article, you can find the right answer for the procedure for importing from abroad. Where to use cheap door to door import services in Cibubur is the best choice for you.

Cheap Door To Door Import Services from Jakarta

PT Artan International Trading is a door-to-door import service company headquartered on Jl. KS Tubun No. 19, ( Ruko No. 10 ) RT 01 RW 02 Petamburan, Kec. Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta Basically, door-to-door import services are inseparable from undername rental services. Bulk import itself means the delivery of imported goods, including all things, prices and issues of import permits for the goods in question.

Meanwhile, our Door to Door Import Service is an undername rental service which includes managing the delivery of goods from the country of origin to Indonesia. The cost of this service usually includes customs fees, payment of import duties, VAT, PPh, and trucking delivery to the recipient’s address.

Our Value

  • Experienced
    PT Artan International Trading has been operating for a long time and has an extensive network
  • Trusted
    has been trusted by many businesses/companies as the best import-export service
  • On time
    We prioritize the accuracy and security of every shipment
  • Professional
    Supported by a professional and responsible workforce

Currently, there are many companies that offer door-to-door import services. Not a few also offer affordable prices. PT Artan International Trading is an import service company with many years of experience. We also earn the trust of the companies we work with. Not only companies, but MSME entrepreneurs also trust us. Don’t worry, we already have sufficient legality, your goods will not be detained by customs and excise.