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PT. Artan International Trading also offers competitive prices so that it can become your partner or business partner.

Import Door to Door

Door to door service is an import service of goods, where goods or documents will be sent directly to the destination address. By using door to door services, you don’t have to bother with the process of shipping goods. Enough to leave it at PT. Yawan Mahesa Indonesia means that your goods can arrive safely at your destination.


Air Freight

Air freight service, the process of shipping goods by air is recommended for cargo with large capacity. PT. Artan International Trading has an extensive network, and provides monitoring (tracking), so that the goods are always under your control at all times. Our service is guaranteed, guaranteeing the goods arrive at their destination safely.


Sea Freight

Sea freight service, the process of shipping goods by sea. Sea Freight services are in great demand, especially for business actors who have to move goods/documents between islands in large quantities or capacities. Sea freight does have a cheaper price than air, but the delivery can’t be as fast as air freight with guaranteed goods safety.



Now the process of sending goods abroad is easier with the undername export-import service. The term undername itself is a service that gives permission to certain parties to use the name of a company that already has an official permit and is registered at Customs. Through the undername service, import-export activities become safer, and legal.


Custom Clearance

As a business that provides export-import services, we also accept custom clearance services. This is one of the services where you will be assisted in managing tax, administrative and all matters related to export or import documents to obtain approval, so that the goods/documents can be sent to the destination.



Is the storage of goods/products in a certain amount or time to be distributed to certain locations. These warehousing services include pallet in and pallet out, high level security, short term and long term storage, modern inventory control systems, ordering and processing systems, inventory control systems as well as container packing and unpacking

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Complete export and import services ranging from air freight, sea freight, inland transport, custom clearance, warehousing, and door to door.

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© 2022 PT. Artan International Trading. All Rights Reserved. Published by

© 2022 PT. Artan International Trading. All Rights Reserved. Published by