Trusted Custom Clearance Service Company

To be able to send goods abroad is certainly not arbitrary, there are several conditions, especially in terms of completeness of documents that must be met, why is that? Of course, so that the goods sent later are not considered illegal because if there are complete shipping documents then the shipment is guaranteed safe and not prohibited goods. But for those of you who are laymen, of course it will be complicated and may not understand what to prepare, but now it’s no longer a headache because there are many custom clearance service providers, which means you don’t have to worry about taking care of this to send goods abroad.
Custom clearance is a special service for importing goods abroad without bothering to think about this or that, accept it as if you borrow the name of the shipping company concerned to be able to send it so it’s done. Want to use a custom clearance service with guaranteed speed and security of shipping goods to their destination? Artan International Trading is the solution. PT Artan International Trading is a company engaged in freight forwarding which has many types of services such as air freight, sea freight, inland transport, custom clearance, warehousing, project handling and also export import door to door.

By choosing a custom clearance service from Artan International Trading, we will fully assist in handling documents for tax, administrative and other related matters on export and import goods until we obtain approval so that the goods can be released or issued.

Affordable prices for custom clearance Jakarta Artan International Trading are certain, super maximum service and quality because of the support from experienced workers in their respective fields. For further information, please contact us directly.