Trusted General Trading Company

Trade is a concept or term in basic economics, namely the activity of buying or selling goods and services. This activity, which is the process of buying and selling goods or services, is carried out by the buyer paying compensation to the seller. In practice, there are two concepts of trade in society, namely general trade is or what is referred to as traditional (general) trade and there is also modern trade where operational work is more organized when compared to general trade.

What is General Trade?

Traditional trade or general trade is a small-scale business such as shops or small stalls owned by individuals and usually targets customers or consumers who need goods for daily needs in small quantities. Indonesian people will generally choose general trade as a way to meet their daily household needs such as food, and needs for other households in small quantities.

General trade is basic retail, a retail business whose buying and selling transactions are still traditional, transactions at this retail usually involve a process of bargaining between the seller as a seller and the customer as a buyer. PT Artan International Trading is one of the best commodities that offers a variety of products.

Our Product

  • Stationery, various kinds of stationery such as pens, books, and others
  • Garments, various kinds of clothing such as men, women and kids wear
  • Food Stuffs, Safe, inexpensive and quality foodstuffs
  • Palm Oil, provide palm oil of the highest quality
  • Spices, red ginger, white peper, black peper, cinnamon and others
  • Furniture, you can get various kinds of modern furniture here
  • Car Spare Parts, selling car spare parts at low prices
  • Car Tires, car tire products of various brands and sizes
  • Solar, solar power is beneficial for the environment
  • Building Materials, we also provide complete construction materials
  • Cosmetics, selling various types of beauty cosmetics for you
  • Herbal Medicines, meet the needs of herbal ingredients for medical purposes